Amenities Galore at Capital Athena: Luxury Living Redefined

Capital Athena in Noida Extension redefines luxury living with an array of top-notch amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. This upcoming residential project, slated for completion in November 2027, offers a variety of facilities catering to all age groups and interests.

World-Class Clubhouse

At the heart of Capital Athena is the grand clubhouse, designed to be a social and recreational hub for residents. This state-of-the-art facility includes:

  • Well-Equipped Gymnasium: A modern gym with the latest fitness equipment.
  • Spa and Jacuzzi: Perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Yoga and Meditation Center: A serene space for mental and physical well-being.

Sports and Recreation

Capital Athena provides numerous sports facilities to promote an active lifestyle:

  • Badminton Courts: Indoor courts for year-round play.
  • Cricket Practice Pitch: Ideal for budding cricketers to hone their skills.
  • Basketball Court: Outdoor court for basketball enthusiasts.

Swimming Pool

The project features a stunning swimming pool, perfect for leisure and fitness. It’s a great place to unwind or engage in aquatic exercises.

Landscaped Gardens

Beautifully designed landscaped gardens add a touch of nature to the urban environment. These green spaces offer residents a tranquil retreat and a place to enjoy the outdoors.

Children’s Play Area

A dedicated play area ensures that children have a safe and enjoyable space to play and interact with their peers.

Multi-Purpose Hall

For social gatherings, events, and community functions, the multi-purpose hall provides a versatile space that can be adapted for various activities.


The comprehensive range of amenities at Capital Athena Noida Extension ensures that residents enjoy a luxurious and fulfilling lifestyle. From fitness and sports to relaxation and socializing, every aspect of modern living is catered to in this thoughtfully designed project.

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